“It’s a tractor.”  That’s what Nathan said the other day pointing out our front window.  Liz and I were amazed—first of all because this was Nathan’s first grammatically complete sentence, and second, because when we looked out the window we were greeted with the sight of a large bulldozer devouring our front yard.

The sudden demise of our front yard

The road construction crew has been coming closer and closer to our house over the past month, and just a few days ago they finally reached our yard.  The bulldozer did twists, turns, and other impressive large machinery gymnastics, and within a few hours our front yard was gone and replaced with a flattened track of dirt that will soon become the new path of Missouri Highway N.  Our immediate reaction at seeing familiar grass uprooted was sadness, but the bulldozer worked with such speed and efficiency that we couldn’t help but be a little impressed as well.

Seems like a metaphor for quite a few areas of our life right now.  Lots of changes, lots of uprooting of familiar things, but all with a bigger purpose of making way for something new.  A new path, a new mission.

Please pray as we continue to walk this path before us, and all the changes that are or will come with it.


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