Family of Four

After months of anticipation our second son, Isaiah Emmanuel Polk, has finally arrived.   The score is tied– Adults 2, Kids 2– and it has been a wild and wooly ride thus far.  As I type this blog entry, Isaiah is sleeping soundly in his bouncy seat and Nathan is running around the house playing with his toys and occasionally patting Baby Isaiah on his head. Good thing Isaiah seems to be a sound sleeper.

Nathan is gradually growing into his big brother role.  At first Nathan’s response to Isaiah could best be summarized as “dramatically underwhelmed.”  When we brought Nathan to the hospital to meet his little brother, he took one look and then pronounced that he was leaving to ride the elevators (so much for dramatic Hallmark family moment).  But as the last couple of weeks have passed, Nathan is gradually growing in interest.  Thus the random head pats and kisses that Nathan bestows.

Nathan shows a little "brotherly love" to Isaiah

As for Isaiah’s part, he spends all of his time eating, sleeping, and pooping.  But at least he is cute while doing it.  We are gradually getting tiny glimpses into his little personality, and are eager to continue getting to know this person that God has added to our family.  Liz and I feel incredibly blessed to have these two amazing boys.  We don’t deserve such a special gift, but we are thankful for the joy, chaos, and beauty that they bring to our lives.  We have so much to learn as parents and as a family, but we are thankful to be on the journey together.  So here we go, a family of four, taking it one step at a time.

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